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performance issues with fx / loading

  • I find out something very interesting. MM² works fine and smooth. But if I add display_rotate=1 to my config file the perfomance is slower. I can see that on the effects (extremely). They are not smooth anymore and stuck a few times while the animations.

    I changed my GPU Memoryto 128 and 256. Still the same. I have a clean jessie installation with the modules wunderlist, sonos and netatmo (beside the standard modules). Without display_rotate=1 it is smooth again.

    I have 2 Pi3. Also have a Pi2 with MM1 and there I have the same problem. For testing I used a very old version from MM1 and raspbian wheezy. In this case everything is smooth with display_rotate. That’s really weird…

    Without display_rotate, in detail, it’s not 100% smooth too, but way better than with display_rotate. It’s really confusing for me because I changed nothing else, have no other tools on this raspi. In my opinion it should be 100% smooth because your MM-app is not a performance killer. Very curious. Perhaps any raspi config options… But gpu memory doesn’t change anything too.

    Especially while starting the MM² everything lags and if more modules have their animations at the same time. (loading the site with my computer browser everything is fine).

    I’m using a passive chip cooler, cpu temperature is around 65-79°C. Desktop isn’t sluggish, only the MM² app.

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    I suggest you open a topic on the raspberry pi forum as well… Maybe somebody can elaborate on where we have to look for a solution.

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