merging Google calendar with MM calendar?

  • Hi there
    Ive added my Google API url into Config.js, and now I’m back onto MM I cant see any change… Its the stock calendar on top left… the one that says US Holidays… or in my case UK Holidays.
    is there something I still need to do or change or add?



  • Ok… so after searching GitHub for a solution to my problem, I seen the answer (I think?)… reason for uncertainty is because I made 3 changes, so unsure which of the 3, or indeed, all 3, did the trick?

    Firstly… I removed the colon after ], second one down after my Google url… I seen on an example on GitHub that it was not needed there… and even being as green as I am in this linux stuff, I did think that it did not look right in my config… (Gives self a pat on the back :-) )

    Secondly… I added 'calendar-check-o ', directly above my Google url… I seen this on GitHub too on someones file where they also added 2 calendars to merge, so thought to add that to mines… after all, that config got the Thumbs up from our leader MichMich, so the input must be right… yes?

    The guy also used single quotes on BOTH urls, whereas I retained my double on my Google Url, and single on the CalendarLabs url… and it works!.. so I dont understand that one?

    Thirdly… I noticed the guy was having problems with the way he set up his Google Calendar and tried swapping between Group and Private… that made me think about mines being set as Public, so I changed mines to Private.

    My Google Calendar has now merged with MM default Calendar, and I now see my events… so for that, Im a very happy Bunny :-)

    Thanks goes to Mikle1 and Strawberry 3.141… for suffering my slow way of picking up this whole Linux thing, the terminology, and how things are done… But Im a keen learner and will get there… slowly but surely…

    Im taking a break away from this for a few days as my brain hurts and have very large bags under my eyes because I have spent too many long hours in this induction into the linux world… lol

    Thats all Folks!

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  • @johnnyboy Hi! How did you get the link?

  • @pepemujica
    Im not using iCal (yet)… that was just a sample from another post because I couldnt take a screenshot of my one. I just signed up with Google Calendars and got the API url, and pasted it into my Config.js as above, along with the stock Calendar above it. Ical is something I will look into at some point to make it less laborious entering all events online, to show up on MM and Google Calendar on my phone.

  • @pepemujica said in merging Google calendar with MM calendar?:

    Hi! How did you get the link?

    Go to your google calendar. On the LEFT side of the page you’ll see My Calendars, Other Calendars. Hover (don’t click) your mouse over the individual calendar that you want. A down arrow v appears to the RIGHT of the calendar. Click the down arrow v and choose Calendar settings. Click the green ICAL button of your choice.

  • @Mykle1

    Click the down arrow v and choose Calendar settings. Click the green ICAL button of your choice.

    Ahhhh … so that’s where it hides? Good to know that :-)

  • @Mykle1 Thanks!

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