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    I’ve seen that there is some chatter lately about organizing, adding, combining, deleting some Categories and Sub-Categories on the forums by the administrators/moderators. I like the idea of having a place to post complete config.js files but it is my humble opinion (not that it matters) that the “Show Your Mirror” category isn’t the best place for that. As a once, and still current noob, I would never have considered looking in the “Show Your Mirror” category for config help.

    Take the category, CUSTOM CSS, for instance. That’s pretty obvious for the person looking for css help, if not Troubleshooting, in general. That’s just one example.

    Again, in my humble opinion, it would be easier for people that are ready and willing to share their entire configs, and those people that are looking for examples of complete configs (with mirror picture showing the results) if there were a category similar to the CUSTOM CSS category. Perhaps, as @cowboysdude so aptly put it, a “Share Your Config” category.

    I wish I would have seen such a category when I first joined the forum. It would have made a huge difference to have actually seen what a proper config looks like, and a picture of the outcome.

    That being said, this forum , as it is, is my favorite place to be (when online). Well done, gentlemen. 👍🏻


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    Well, configs and all, I don’t really see the point in sharing config files, It’s basically just a list of modules.

    When you get in to it you will see that the real visual changes to the mirror is done with the custom css file, and as you said, there is already a section for that 🙂

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