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For the developers...

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    I really just feel compelled to say a HUGE Thanks to @strawberry-3-141 for his infinite patience with me and helping me to pick up js…

    With that being said I’d also like to Thank all the developers for taking their time to help, to teach, to offer such a great opportunity, yes opportunity, for others to be able to have a great product built to their liking in their homes!!

    NONE of this is possible without all you guys.

    I know myself I get frustrated but it’s with myself and lack of understanding… I push myself hard to learn things because hey life is all about learning [I’m a teacher by education]. Currently I am a contractor and own my own business… I build things, I fix things… that I understand and can do easily like so many of you can just program a small module so easily. You guys are truly amazing.

    Short story: I’m making a current movies in the US module … I spent two days racking my brain because as my program parsed through the json file it would error on every other one… I tried to find some exotic fix and strawberry walks up to it… changes one line and BAM just like that LOL
    I had to chuckle as I’m sure he did too… “eh rookies”… 🙂

    SO for all the people coming here asking for help or trying to learn we all say Thank you!!!

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