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Usind date from one module to another

  • Hi,
    Just looking in the module development and I was thinking about to replace the “compliments” module by something displaying some relevant messages depending on the time of the day.
    By this, I was wondering if it is possible to “recycle” data from other modules. I would like to display something like TODAY : Meeting with John… TODAY : don’t forget to call mum…5 min left to get the train…Seems rainy and cold today…
    All this info gathered from other modules into one.
    Any idea if it is possible to get their info without rewriting every call again?

  • @danito we might be able to broadcast notifications for all calendar data we receive. This way you can work with all visible appointments. It would require a small change to the calendar module, but will prevent a lot of rewriting.

  • Admin

    Not sure if important but should we start thinking about privacy? A malicious module would get all information from any module that broadcasts its data.

  • @paviro it would be able to do that anyway. Since it can simply send the full config (including passwords etc) to an external site. This is not something we can solve easily since we cant sandbox modules.

  • Admin

    Well that’s true 😕