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Wooden frame with 24" screen

  • Hi,

    I also wanted to share my little project with you.
    I had two ideas in my mind and since my wife stated that she don’t want a word clock in the house, I decided to go for a magic mirror. Basically it’s all placed in a simple wooden frame, with a used 24" Benq LCD screen and a SGG mirstar spy mirror. In the front it’s covered with an oak wood board, which fits with the rest of this room.

    I’m running a few modules which are controlled by the remote control module and the scheduler module. In the morning it displays the traffic to the work place and in the evening the football league table. We added a few of our calenders, the birthday calender, wunderlist, RSS feeds and weather warnings.
    To control the monitor I use the PIR module, but in the last month I exchanged the PIR sensor with a microwave radar motion sensor. Which worked just fine and can be hidden behind the frame. I can recommend this sensor, it’s much more sensitive then the PIR sensor, but in our case this is just fine.


    SGG Mirastar glass:
    I’m not sure if I would recommend this glass, with direct sunlight it’s definitely not an option, you can’t recognize anything. In rooms without direct sunlight and low light conditions it’s not bad and you don’t feel that there is an LCD screen behind the mirror. It fits our use case, but I can imagine that there a still better spy mirrors on the market. Since I wanted to avoid to see the screen behind the mirror, the visible size is the same size as the LCD panel behind the mirror. I had to ask all local glass suppliers until one helped me and ordered the spy mirror.

    BenQ GL2450 LED: The monitor I bought used on ebay. Not a bad choice, the bezel was easy to remove, the speakers and the control board are both equipped with long cables. The small control board I just fixed behind the top frame. The disadvantage is the “HDMI disconnected” message (~2sec.) when the PIR module switches off HDMI.

    Initially I tried to use face recognition to access and personalize the mirror, but it was not very reliable and you need to place the camera somewhere. So I waived this idea.

    Thank you so much for this lovely project, the additional modules and all the support here on the forum. Almost all questions I got, were already answered here.

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    I like the oak. Nice work!👍

  • @joeben said in Wooden frame with 24" screen:

    Since I wanted to avoid to see the screen behind the mirror, the visible si

    I am also looking to create a mirror that is the same size as my 23" monitor (for the same reason as you - so that the monitor is not visible. Did you get the glass cut to be the exact same size or was it a few mm larger?

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