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Facial Recognition - customize your mirror for every user!

  • OK after lots and lots of trial and error I hope this helps people… these are the settings and results I had and as far as I can tell the everyone setting doesnt do what I would expect…

    I don’t hink you have a way of identifying a stranger and do something specific for them?

    defaultClass: "default", //Module set used for strangers and if no user is detected

    It looks like when everyone is specified on its own then the logic doesnt seem to work. See classes: “everyone” below…

                                    users: ['martin'], // Array with usernames (copy and paste from training script)
                                    defaultClass: "default", //Module set used for strangers and if no user is detected
                                    everyoneClass: "everyone", //Set of modules which should be shown for every user
                                    welcomeMessage: false // Boolean to toggle welcomeMessage
                            module: "clock",
                            position: "top_left",
                            classes: "default" // displays with no face detection (OK) - not displayed when martin detected (OK) - displayed with no specific user detected (OK?)
                            module: "clock",
                            position: "top_right",
                            classes: "default everyone" // displays with no face detection (OK) - displayed with no specific user and martin (OK)
                            module: "clock",
                            position: "bottom_right",
                            classes: "default martin" // displays with no face detection (OK) - displayed with no specific user and martin (OK)
                            module: "clock",
                            position: "bottom_left",
                            classes: "everyone" // never displays (??? I would expect this to display when Martin is detected - or any other user)
                            module: "compliments",
                            position: "lower_third",
                            classes: "martin" // only displayed when martin detected (OK)

  • Hi,

    I use your Facial Recognition modul. I have create some user and everything work fine.

    But now I install MMM-Motion-Detection modul. I works fine, too. But if I use this modul your modul didn´t work. When I cut off the MMM-Motion-Detection module from config.js and start again your modul will work fine again.

    Can someone help me?

    greets gismo

  • @paviro I have the same problem like @shashank, but I don’t figure out any mistake… the trainingfile is in the right direction… It doesn’t work with PiCam and with an webcam neither…

  • Sorry for spaming,

    but I tried to refresh everything. So I installed the Rasbian new, the Magic Mirror, the Facial Recognition and the Tools. It worked… ONCE. After rebooting the system I have the same error as bevor:

    It load training data and select the PiCam and then it doesn’t go on. No error-message.

    Any idea which component was active when I reinstalled everything and isn’t active after rebooting?
    The camera is enabled.

  • I have the same issue. Training went fine. I got everything working but then after a reboot it seems to load the module but then nothing. It doesn’t seem to want to do anything. No errors just no facial recognition.

  • So I figured out my own problem. Seems like it doesn’t like it when I changed the language file. Restored the old one and everything works as it should. Also, I find raising the threshold to 250 for the LBPH Algorithm helps a lot to get more accurate results. The confidence seems to hover around 49-52 for me but I couldn’t get any results with 50, constantly thought I was “stranger”. Thanks for all the hard work on this module. It’s really fun to play with!

  • I got this module working after a bit of trial and error, and it’s awesome. I only have 1 issue so far. When I’m recognized, all of the modules drop by about 30 pixels. I’m not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but have no issues looking around at code trying to figure out what it does. I used Firebug to see what was going, and from what I can see, the one of the div’s updates from style=“display: none;” to style=“display: block;”. The part that’s really confusing me is that it only does this when it recognizes me. When it recognizes a stranger, none of the modules shift. I can provide anything requested, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else was experiencing this issue.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Prestitivo It means you’ve configured that module to be displayed when you are recognized, and hidden when you are not. Take a look at your config to see if you can pinpoint which module is making this happen.

  • Ah yes, thank you. It was the “updatenotification” module in the top bar. I took myself off of that, and now it works as expected. Now that I think about it, that makes sense.

    Still have a lot of tinkering to do, but this solved the annoying issue I caused.

    Thank you kindly for the help.

  • Hi… will there be any possibility to use Facial Recognition along with motion detection for turning on/off the Display ?


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