Start MagicMirror without node serveronly

  • Hello,

    I can run the MagicMirror with “node serveronly” command from MagicMirror directory. Is this the proper way to start it? Seems like there should be another option - what am I doing wrong?

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    That depends on what raspberry you are using and what you want to achieve.
    Running node serveronly allows you to point the browser of your choice to run the magic mirror and do proper debugging.
    You can switch to pm2 to automate the start of your mirror. There is a tutorial how to do this.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am running a Pi 3. node serveronly works fine and I am able to launch the magic mirror in Chromium, I just thought there was a more “elegant” solution to get it started. I will check out the tutorial. Thanks!

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