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Where to buy good two way mirrors ?

  • Hi,

    I am thinking of building my own magic mirror since at least a year now.
    It does not seem very easy to order a two way mirror on Internet that could be shipped to France for a reasonable price. Does someone have any recommendations about where to buy such mirror for France ?

    Thank you


  • Admin

    Just call a local glazier, was quite easy to get one in the next town 🙂

  • Moderator

    In the US, we simply go to a glass shop. Same place that would make custom glass sizes for things like windows, tables, even car windshields …

  • Admin

    That’s what I meant by glazier not sure if it is the correct word, used Google translate for that one 😅

  • Same here. Asked two glass shops, both were able to supply it for a decent price.

    Stay away from using foils.

  • @MichMich Hey Mich, why do you not recommend foils?

  • @EoF Lets say the whole project will cost somewhere around €250,- including monitor. The foil will only save you around €25,- while it has a major impact on the end result.

  • @MichMich Fair point. In my project however, I am actually making a touch screen “magic mirror”. So I actually chose to go with foil due to it being so thing (still waiting to test to see if touch screen will work through it).

    Edit: If I were going for no touch screen, I would for sure go with an acrylic two way mirror.

  • Moderator

    Personally I wouldn’t use acrylic either. While lighter, over time and with cleaning it will scratch. I prefer glass, even though it would be heavier.

    In fact I’m thinking of putting a large (3-4 feet wide) mirror up and use a 24" screen on one side of it. But that’s just a thought at the moment. Still pondering it.

  • I used acrylic for my project and it seems to be fine. If you’re gentle with your mirror, you shouldn’t have to worry about scratches too much. I got my acrylic 2 way mirror from

    They also sell glass and they have a “special” glass for the smart mirror project. They ship internationally too since they are a US based company.