MagicMirror² v2.13.0 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.

My Build

  • Wanted to have a family info board in the kitchen for a long time. But then these mirrors caught my eye and I instantly loved it. And when the MagicMirror project was featured Project #1 in MagPi I ran out of excuses not to make one.

    Installation/setup is amazingly easy and well made!
    Need to invest time now to learn more about github and node.js to make the most of it!

    Finished project
    finished project

    Old Asus 22" monitor

    Custom frame
    Custom frame

    Monitor fitted in frame and with cables
    back view

    Last check before it goes onto the wall

    Album with more pictures on Imgur

    Got the two way mirror from Plexihof (Lucerne, Switzerland)

    Problems faced
    Had an old Raspi 2 laying around that was not really reliable and cost me lots of headaches (ie. dropped wifi connection)
    So I swapped it for a new Raspi 3. Used a brand new installation of Raspbian Jessie (2017-03-02)

    Installation was a breeze. Followed this tutorial.

    Problem I could fix

    Problems I could not fix

    • MagicMirror does not autostart after reboot. Haven’t really invested time yet as this does not bother me too much
    • Mouse pointer still on screen visible after MagicMirror starts. Also not bothering me too much.

  • Great build! Looks awesome!

  • Nice. FYI, I could not get auto start working too. I followed the instructions on MM but no go. This is what helped

  • @kwyjibo089 Hi I was lookig at plexy4you site but I can’t find a “spionglass” can you tell me the product number?

  • @kwyjibo089 Maybe I can help you. 🙂 Look at the mm2 folder, i think at the css folder. Because I haven´t at present my raspi online, I couldn´t look. Maybe tommorow. But what i like to say, there is an option to enable or disable the mouse pointer. I have change it several time by myself.

    Greets gismo

  • @dvbit sorry for the late answer. This is the exact product description according to the delivery note:

    01-003 2WS
    XT-Plexiglas (Arcylglas) Spiegel 2 Way (Spionspiegel) transparent

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