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How to use "require" in a module?

  • I’m trying to make my first module. A pretty simple one, I just want to display the IP address of my Raspberry Pi. (I’m not assigning it a static addr, so if it changes I’d like to know the new addr to remote into)

    A quick google turned up some code for querying for your local IP address. However, it’s not working. I’m getting “Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined”. Am I missing something silly here? (Yes, I know the actual ip-getting code is commented out, I’ll bring it back once I can get the reference to os working)

    Here’s the code:

    var os = require("os");
    Module.register("my_ip", {
        // Default module config.
    	defaults: {
        // Override dom generator.
    	getDom: function () {
    	    var ip =;
    	    var ifaces = os.networkInterfaces();
    	    Object.keys(ifaces).forEach(function (ifname) {
    	        var alias = 0;
    	        ifaces[ifname].forEach(function (iface) {
    	            if ('IPv4' !== || iface.internal !== false) {
    	                // skip over internal (i.e. and non-ipv4 addresses
    	            if (alias >= 1) {
    	                // this single interface has multiple ipv4 addresses
    	                console.log(ifname + ':' + alias, iface.address);
                        ip = iface.address;
    	            } else {
    	                // this interface has only one ipv4 adress
    	                console.log(ifname, iface.address);
                        ip = iface.address;
    	    var wrapper = document.createElement("div");
    	    wrapper.innerHTML = ip;
    		return wrapper;

  • take a look into the documentation on how to write a module, especially the part with node_helper

  • Thanks! I’ve got it working with node_helper now. It seems a bit convoluted though, since my module now sends a socket notification to request the IP, and listens for the socket notification to refresh the local variable and redraw the DOM. Is this actually the correct way to do it?

  • Moderator

    That’s how the node_helper method works, module sends a request, the node_helper.js script responds.