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simple web-radio

  • I search for a simple web-radio that I can use with buttons,
    Volume , on, off, and chance the different streams.
    Only show short the station, after change.

  • Module Developer


    That one can be used to recieve commands from the gpio module

    Or if by buttons you mean on screen buttons then you have

  • So, I Have modified, and hope it will doing what I want:


    // Default module config.
    defaults: { text: “

    Sender1: BigFM
    Sender2: Einslive


    notificationReceived: function(notification, payload, sender) {
    var self = this;
    Sender = 0;
    If (notification === “Sender+”){
    Sender = Sender+1;
    If (Sender > 1){
    Sender = 2;
    If (notification === “Sender-”){
    Sender = Sender-1;
    If (Sender < 1){
    Sender = 2;

    if (Sender === 1){
        self.sendSocketNotification('einslive', {});

    if (Sender === 2){
    self.sendSocketNotification(‘bigfm’, {});
    if (notification === “Volume+”){
    self.sendSocketNotification(‘VolumeUp’, {});
    if (notification === “Volume-”){
    self.sendSocketNotification(‘VolumeDown’, {});

    if (notification === “radiostop”){
    self.sendSocketNotification(‘radiostop’, {});

    This was the Myvoiceradio.js

  • Hello,

    I have a issue in the code, the Buttons will not work. How I can control the voiceradio with Buttons?