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Office 365 calendar issues

  • Hi all,
    I’m trying to add my private calendar feed from the office 365 calendar of my job. I successfully added my google calendar but with the office 365 from work I ran in to some issues.

    If I try to load in my main calendar named “agenda” the MagicMirror is constantly displaying loading. Then I added a new agenda and put in one appointment to test if this will work. The answers is not quite: It displayed the appointment but it says its ending within an Invalid date (see attached picture)

    The question is if there is something wrong with the ics generated by Office 365 for business? Does anyone managed to get his work-agenda up and running? Here is he code from my config file:

    module: "calendar",
    position: "bottom_left",
    config: {
    calendars: [
    // url: ''
    symbol: 'calendar',
    url: ''
    symbol: 'calendar',
    url: ''

  • I have my work calendar functioning properly. I believe this is where I got my link from. also make sure permissions are good.

  • @cohron Yeah that’s exactly the page were i generated my ICS with Full details in the permissions 😉 Maybe it has something to do with the tasks in my agenda that returns weekly and are scheduled till infinity in the calendar.? This weekend I will troubleshoot the problem again and maybe i come to a answer why my calendar won’t load…

  • @hermpi I have a few weekly and monthly and annual re-occurring meetings with no end date, they show up fine, I wouldnt think that is the issue. I notice your config is not populated, probably not neccessary but different than mine. Here is mine:

    config: {
    colored: true,
    maxTitleLength: 25,
    warpEvents: true,
    maximumEntries: 30,
    getRelative: 0,
    dateFormat: “ddd, MMM Do h:mm A”,
    timeFormat: “absolute”,
    urgency: 0,
    calendars: [
    symbol: “bank”,
    color: “#00e5ee”, //work ical
    url: "
    symbol: “heartbeat”,
    color: “#fa4616”, //Shelby UF ical
    url: "

  • @cohron I just start up my PI and yes the calendar works partially… I don’t know if the reason is the deleting of the re-announcing tasks or there was something wrong with the server Sunday night. De strange thing is that most of my tasks show a invalid date error. Only the tasks that have the “whole day” option checked are displaying correctly. I don’t know if you familiar with ICS files but I think it has to do with these line of codes:

    // This works (Whole day checked) 
    // This gives invalid date error 
    DTSTART;TZID="(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlijn, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Wenen":2
    DTEND;TZID="(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlijn, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Wenen":201

    Could you check what is set for DTSTART and DTEND in your ICS file?

  • @hermpi

    Oh, yes some of my tasks had the invalid date error, only 4 or 5 tasks though. It was only occurring on appointments that had the timezone showing. Unfortunately I already fixed it by removing the (show) timezones and resaving the appointment. Sorry didnt catch that earlier. I set up a test appointment and will look at the MM when I get home. I havent picked apart the Calendar MMM but im guessing you found the same bug i had. Wont know if i recreated the error until i get him and look at MM.

    Keep your “bad” ICS file for the programmers (or you) to test, recreate, and fix if you submit a bug report.




  • @hermpi
    Well i checked my calendar and everything looked fine. I havent been able to get the invalid date to show up again (even with timezones enabled/showing). I’d say open a bug report and send them your ICS file.

    should be fine really.

  • @cohron Oke, I will do that. I just checked my own calendar again and only if I save the appointment in timezone “Coordinated Universal Time” it works. Or if I set my overall timezone to UTC… But that’s not a solution because then everything is set to that time and I’m living in the UTC+1 zone.

  • @cohron (#*$&,. I just figured out that this only happens when you set to a time zone with multiple cities… So i can set the timezone to a same one as I live in with only one name like: “UTC+01:00 Windhoek”. I ask if this is a problem we/they need to fix in MM or that our big friend from Microsoft had to set up there ical files right. I keep you updated 😉

  • @hermpi said in Office 365 calendar issues:

    is a problem we/they need to fix in MM

    I’m going to guess MM is going to have to fix their parsing, it appears to be a well formed ics file (or at least the portion you and i looked at), I doubt we are going to get Microsoft to change.

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