2 way mirror parameters

  • what is optimal parameters for 2 way mirror?

    thank you for answers

  • what is the techniquies make more reflective?
    did the 8mm is too much?

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    @BlackPawn as high reflection % you can get, light transmission between 10-30%. It mostlu depends on where the mirror will be put.

    Daylight = 30-40% light transmission
    Dark room = 10-20% light transmission

  • @broberg it is not depend on quality of the mirror?
    and what about depth of mirror? 8mm or 4mm?

  • @BlackPawn said in 2 way mirror parameters:

    @broberg it is not depend on quality of the mirror?

    Depends what you mean by Quality? As in if one mirror cost 100 and another costs 200 then the 200 is better Quality?
    Or who the manufacturer is?

    and what about depth of mirror? 8mm or 4mm?

    I have seen several mirrors advertised in several thicknesses… and the one I chose - 50/50 only came in 6mm… my second choice mirror came in 4mm and 6mm, so im guessing here by saying that the thickness depends on the mirror… ie;- its reflection ratio?

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    @BlackPawn thickness rarely impact the numbers that much, it’s the mirrors coating that decides what numbers you get. It all depends o. The manufacturer what they offer for different thickness. Thickness is more a question of weight and thougness.
    Large Mirror with no supporting frame I would suggest a 6-8mm one, if you are building a smaller mirror with support take a 3-6mm mirror.

  • thank you all for your answers… was very helpfull

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