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In what way is DAKboard related to MagicMirror

  • Hi there,
    I’m a huge fan of MagicMirror!

    Today I stumpled over a site called DAKboard (

    I had to look twice because DAKboard and MagicMirror look like twins to me.
    So, are these two in some way related? If so, how?


  • I would be interrested also to know if they are using MM behind the scene ?

  • I don’t think there’s any relation or any common code (beyond perhaps dependencies). While there are some superficial similarities and the concept is the same, it looks to actually have different modules and views. The newsfeed sure does look the same though. I’d be curious to know what they are using (as a stack) but doubt it’s based on MM.

  • it would be nice to copy some of those modules…
    I like the top weather warning bar

  • 3rd cousins, twice removed…lol…actually I don’t know…never seen this other one before so I’ll have to take a look

  • damn, I wish I knew this existed before I started on my “original idea”, making a magic mirror that isn’t technically a mirror but is instead a photogram with the MM modules on top that show and hide based on a motion sensor… Well at least I know what I can model my modules after now.

  • Module Developer

    @Albinolan I had the same idea a few months ago and I’m still thinking about realizing this. There is, after all a module here that can show pictures in the background. There is also one guy using MM without a mirror on his fridge.

    Lots of cool ideas

    Regarding this: The smart mirror idea has been getting some push in recent months/years and some people try to make money out of it. There’s a lot open source to build upon I guess.

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