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MMM-PIR-Sensor with RelayPin and execute script

  • Hi,
    My goal is: PIR Sensor detect presence and switch the relay pin. Additionally it should execute ah script to switch MirrorLight on.
    Scripts works fine form CLI
    In which position of the node_helper.js from MMM-PIR-Sensor Module i put the lines
    exec("/home/pi/scripts/", null);
    exec("/home/pi/scripts/", null);

    pls help

  • I have build in this python script in tho rc.local

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    #Board Mode: Angabe der Pin-Nummer
    #GPIO Pin definieren fuer den Dateneingang vom Sensor
    PIR_GPIO = 13
    Relay_GPIO = 37
    GPIO.setup(Relay_GPIO, GPIO.OUT)
    GPIO.output(Relay_GPIO, True)
    while True :
       #PIR auslesen
       read = GPIO.input(PIR_GPIO)
       button = GPIO.input(32)
       if ((read==1 or button==0) and wait==0):
         GPIO.output(Relay_GPIO, False)
       elif ein==1 and button==0:

  • Hi Blackmirror,
    thx for helping, i am no coders.
    pls can you explain me, howto it works to start with your script my and scripts?

    best regards

  • Sorry i understand. MMM-PIR-Sensor config with no RelayPin config. Make RelayPin with your script.

  • @nogE
    The MMM-PIR-Sensor module have not work at me.

    So i make a new datei this the name in my home - ordner.
    And add python in the rc.local
    After this was switch the PIR on the GPIO-Pin 13 the relay-pin 37. Add pin 32 i have a button to open the relay manual.

  • when execute the python script (python /home/pi/scripts/, i got following error:

    File “/home/pi/scripts/”, line 22
    read = GPIO.input(PIR_GPIO)

  • Hi,

    i got an error when i run python script. now the whole error message:

    File “/home/pi/scripts/”, line 22
    read = GPIO.input(PIR_GPIO)
    IndentationError: expected an indented block


  • Moderator

    Python is a bit tricky. Unlike other languages python needs proper indentation. Make sure you don’t mix up tabs and whitespaces. Best practice is to use 4 whitespaces instead of one tab.

  • Yes, the error code says, you have not enought whitespaces before the lines.