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Making Frame Question?

  • So, I am looking into making a frame, and have figured the best option for me would be to but a custom made picture frame with plexiglass, and swap the glass for the two way mirror. Would that work? If it would, do I glue or nail it to the shell that contains the monitor? If it wouldn’t, what should I do instead?

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    This is a carpentry question really and a matter of choice.

    IF you have glue that is very good like Titebond glue for wood then yes you could glue and clamp it.
    This is a preferred method for those who do not want screw or nail holes to show…BUT if you don’t get it perfectly square that could be a problem…

    You could also screw your frame together… or nail.

    You could also do both…glue and screw/nail it.

    Any of those combinations would work…

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