MMM-cryptocurrency - v1.1

  • Hello!
    Based on recent trends about crypto currencies I’ve started to play with them and, since every morning I am used to check their trends, I’ve asked me Why don’t to see them on my Magic Mirror? And so, here the result!


    Module provides current value of a specific crypto currency. It can be converted in your favourite currency, than can be EUR or USD or AUD and so on.


    You can see the module below weather.


    Version 1

    • Multiple currencies supported
    • Currency conversion to multiple values

    Version 1.1

    • Currency change along time: 1 hour, 1 days, 1 week.

    Let me know what you think. Leave me any feedback! It will be useful to improve it!
    Thank you! :)

  • Module Developer

    Excellent my friend!!!

    In the future could you please follow the template for module postings :) Here it is- Thank you! :)


    Here is where you can describe your module


    Please include at least one screen shot

    Below is an example of how to post your link to github :)
    " [ card:cowboysdude/your module ] " - use without quotes

    Version 1.0.0

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cowboysdude Thank you for suggestion! I fixed according to guidelines :)

  • Hi, loving the module. Have you managed to get multiple currencies showing in a list?

  • @hazmartin Hi, I am working on it and I look forward to have it implemented very soon.
    I’ll ping you when ready.

  • Module Developer

    hello @matteodanelli , thank you for you work!
    I submitted a pull request to your Repo and it now has multi currency support, translations, styling and Formatting.
    Tomorrow i wanted to add some more comments to explain more parts of the code.
    You can add it to you code if you want to. I just wanted to finish my MagicMirror and have an overview on multiple currencies. Thats the reason why i could no longer wait 😅

    Here you can see it

    Here is the forked repo with the charges if you want to test it:

  • Project updated with multiple currencies support and percentage change in the last 24 hours.
    Thank you @Klizzy for you contribution!

  • Hello

    I just git cloned the newest version and updated the config file as per your instructions. (21MAY17) It is working perfectly and pulling the current data.

    I was snooping through the various js files and don’t see how to add the header line above the currency listing

    CRYPTO CURRENCY (Dim text with a line below it)

    Is this a config option somewhere?

  • Module Developer

    do you mean a dividing line between the table header and data, or do you don’t have any data in the Table header (Currency, Price, 24h Change) ?

    a dividing line is not implemented at the moment. But today i finished another feature for this module, so i can add the dividing line. If @matteodanelli accepts my pull request you can update it in a couple of days.

    If you don’t have any data in the table header, i need to know in which language settings you’re running the mirror.

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