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    I forgot who asked me to release my code, it may have been @paviro, but I honestly don’t remember. One of the very first modules I wanted was something that displays a random quote, so I modified the supplied ‘Compliments’ one to my needs. I used the popular http://www.brainyquote.com web site to fetch quotes, however they don’t provide an API. And looking around the web, all of the random quotes web sites that I found with an API only allows you one random quote per day. If you want a random one each time you send a request, then you need to subscribe and pay them. So, in keeping the ‘free’ nature of the module, I decided to hard code a few categories and quotes from each from BrainyQuote. If you want to edit the quotes, you’ll have to do that in the module’s js file.



  • I just installed it. it’s working fine, Did send you a PR there were some typos in the readme file. some people wouldn’t be able to install it with that typos.

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    Thanks, merged into dev. Will push it to master as well.

  • Hi, I am very bad with javascript is it possible to load the quotes from a text file?

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    Not as written. It would require a bit of rewriting to allow for a local call to a file. Not impossible, just not written.

  • so is that right that you put the information from your script not from brainyguote?
    so i can change it in vocal to learn an another language ?
    i mean its only a script what change the text per time ?
    if that is it that i am thanksfull
    that i need it (for example for my english…)

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    All the quotes are in the random_quotes.js file. You can change them to anything you want.

  • so i have to add the paramteres (updateintervall etc) in my config ?

    because in your example wasn’t that
    very thank you!

    ‘modules: [
    module: ‘random_quotes’,
    position: ‘lower_third’,
    config: {
    updateIntervall=500 // The config property is optional
    fadeSpeed=4 // Without a config, a random quote is shown,
    category=random // selected from all of the categories available.

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    Correct, as the documentation shows.

  • @geeflaxx you need to write it down like this

        module: 'random_quotes',
        position: 'lower_third',
        config: {
            updateIntervall: 500,
            fadeSpeed: 4,
            category: 'random'