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Show compliments only for a limited time after wake-up HDMI

  • I’m about to build my first complete MM. I have fiddled with the software before and have managed to modify most of the modules to my liking with my very limited knowledge of programming. I don’t want to have the compliments module running the whole time, but if it could be enabled for maybe 15-20 seconds after the PIR sensor wakes up the HDMI output, it would be awesome. Just one compliment, like “Hello”, “Good evening” or whatever.

    Where would i start to achieve something like this? I realize that the GPIO input somehow should enable/disable the module, but i have no idea how.

  • Module Developer

    You could use the MMM-ProfileSwitcher module and then switch to the desired profile upon PIR detection.
    The MMM-ProfileSwitcher module can be configured to automatically switch back to the default profile after a configured time.

    I’m currently building my mirror and I’m using it to drive the various modules visibility and I find this module very convenient.

    I have voice recognition and touch-button modules sending notifications to the MMM-ProfileSwitcher that then handles the various modules visibility.

  • OK, havn’t seen that yet. Just assuming here, wouldn’t that reload all modules. If so, not a smooth solution for my goal. I could be wrong, will look into it 😁

  • Module Developer

    No it only shows/hides modules.
    As far as I know there is no dynamic loading/unloading of modules in MagicMirror.

  • Just use MMM-ModuleScheduler… it shows and hides modules based on time…

  • @cowboysdude I don’t think that will give him the effect he wants. That method isn’t dynamic based upon his PIR sensor.

  • That’s what i was wondering about as well. Can the MMM-ProfileSwitcher react with a timed module based on PIR input? If so, that sounds like my solution 🙂

  • Module Developer

    @hulkhaugen No but you could implement your own module based on the MMM-PIR-Sensor one that sends notifications to MMM-ProfileSwitcher instead of directly driving the HDMI output state.