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MMM-MyTTC (Toronto Transit)

  • @Mykle1

    MyTTC stops at loading - does it require an API? - followed all steps for the ttc.

    Another GREAT MODULE !!!

  • @TheGeekfather said in MMM-MyTTC (Toronto Transit):


    I installed the module and setup using the default config in the readme

    it failed with this message

    [22:04:25.291] [LOG]    raw ={"copyright":"All data copyright Toronto Transit Commission 2019.","Error":{"content":"For agency=ttc stop s=1148 is on none of the directions for r=143 so cannot determine which stop to provide data for.","shouldRetry":"false"}}

    i removed stop 1148 from the stop request and it all works…

    add this line to the node_helper.js and then look at the output on the terminal window or in the pm2 logs

        var predictionsArray = new Array();
    		console.log("raw ="+JSON.stringify(rawJSON));   // add this line < - --
        if (rawJSON.predictions.length) {
    the module is unable to tell u about error conditions like this

  • @sdetweil

    AWESOME !!!

    You are correct - removed the stop 1148 and it WORKS !! 🙂

    Thank you - worked on this for hours!!

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