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CommanderB's Bathroom Mirror

  • I upgraded the existing bathroom mirror with a 7" high res display behind acrylic
    0_1462321700126_MM Screen Cap.jpg

    Defaults - Time/Weather/Forecast/Calendar/Newsfeed
    localtransport (modified for exact time and duration - I owe a pull request)
    sonos (modified to show thumnail only - need to tidy code and put a pull request up)

    To Dos
    MrsB is unhappy with the ‘glass’, will upgrade to real glass
    Install USB outlet behind mirror to power Pi and display
    May upgrade to larger display
    Improve formatting, maximize real estate

  • Admin

    How is the 7" high res display you are using called?

  • It’s this one from Amazon US

    Makerfire Raspberry pi 7 inch High Resolution 1280*800 IPS LCD Display Module Kit

    1280x800 resolution. Very clear. Nice.

    EDIT by Admin: Fixed your link 😃

  • Admin

    Nice! Thank you, might come in handy for other projects 🙂

  • What are you using for your travel times? Looks like you live in the NYC area.

  • @joerod On the left are two instances of MMM-Traffic one for transit and on for driving. The right uses LocalTransport which I modified for absolute time and duration (I did submit a pull request, which was initially rejected, but I fixed up the error and resubmitted to add these as config variables - if you really want those ahead of them being pulled, my repo is here but I recommend sticking with the original.

    Both of these modules use the Google maps APIs. One of the things I noticed over the last couple of days (when we had multi day disruption to the Metro North train lines) is that Google uses timetable information for the MTA, not live schedules. So during disruptions/delays the times aren’t correct. The MTA does also expose APIs which could be used for an MTA specific transit module, I had a quick look and for me it would be a steep learning curve to build one.

  • Hey!

    I was just wondering if you happen to know how to modify the localtransport module so that it looks more like MMM-Traffic. I’m mainly just looking to add the "at 21:58 (42 minutes) as shown on your pic, on the same line as the train picture as opposed to having it be underneath.

    I’ve tried making sense of the code to change that portion, but I’m not a coder… If you have some time, any input would be appreciated.



  • @CommanderB
    is it possible to show your config.js.
    I am interested in how you configure the modules. It would be very nice, if you could.


  • Hey,

    I was wondering whether you mind air moisture with your display. Or has it some kind of industrial casing?
    I was going to build a MagicMirror with an old LCD 24" and I kind of think it won’t last long because of the humidity.

    Any advice?


  • Module Developer

    Have you got your glas replacement? If so, is MrsB happy with it?

    I’m in the process of deciding acryl or glas. I was at a local glass dealer and he told I’m the third this week wanting a one way “magic” mirror. He was a unsure if it would 1) act 100% mirror and 2) be transparent enough to show my screen. Unfornately he didn’t have any samples available.

    If both options doesn’t please MY MrsT, I’m probably refused to put my mirror on the bathroom.

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