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[MMM-RTSPStream] - Video Streaming from Live Feeds & Security Cameras

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    This may be a bit weird, but I’m trying to install this on a non-RaspberryPi piece of hardware running Ubuntu 20. Is there a manual installation process that doesn’t require OMXPlayer?I realize that it will limit my options to VLC, but I’m willing to try. I’m getting caught up on it trying to install a player that isn’t available on Ubuntu.

    I tried installing OMXPlayer through the Snap store, but because the hardware is AMD64, it’s not available.

  • Hi everyone,
    I believe that the MMM - RTSPStream module is incompatible with the MMM-Pages multi page module!
    By removing MMM-Pages, the RTSPStream module works again.
    The link for the video stream works correctly both with VLC and with the “omxplayer” command.

    The version of MM I am using is the latest available 2.14.0.

    The error I find in the console is the following:

    MMM-RTSPStream.js:164 MMM-RTSPStream has resumed... rotateStreams: true, autoStart: true
    MMM-RTSPStream.js:368 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of null
        at Class.playStream (MMM-RTSPStream.js:368)
        at Class.rotateStream (MMM-RTSPStream.js:123)
        at Class.setupStreamRotation (MMM-RTSPStream.js:94)
        at Class.resumed (MMM-RTSPStream.js:168)
        at newCallback (MMM-RTSPStream.js:186)
        at main.js:324

    Here is my configuration:

    		   module: "MMM-RTSPStream",
    		   position: "bottom_right",
    		   header: "Test",
    		   config: {
    			    //initialSetup: true,
    				autoStart: true,
    				rotateStreams: true,
    				rotateStreamTimeout: 10,
    				moduleWidth: 354,
    				moduleHeight: 240,
    				localPlayer: 'omxplayer',
    				remotePlayer: 'none',
    				showSnapWhenPaused: false,
    				remoteSnaps: false,
    				stream1: {
    					name: 'Ingresso',
    					url: 'rtsp://',
    					frameRate: 'undefined',
    					//width: undefined,
    					//height: undefined,

    In the “bottom_right” region what I see:
    alt text

    Have any of you noticed this incompatibility?

    Any advice / help is welcome.

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    @Egnos Don’t have a clue myself, and this module is no longer supported. 😞

  • @BKeyport thanks.
    Do you know any other module that can show the stream of surveillance cameras?

  • @Egnos as I wrote already some pages ago there’s MMM-FreeboxTV.

    Similar this module, but most of all it works.

  • @Cr4z33 many thanks.
    If I understand correctly the stream is started only if I ask the Google assistant to launch it, correct?

  • …maybe I can use this “onStart” parameter to launch the stream that interests me at startup without asking the assistant.

    With this parameter it would also be possible to launch multiple streams at startup?

    Many thanks.

  • @Egnos said in [MMM-RTSPStream] - Video Streaming from Live Feeds & Security Cameras:

    @Cr4z33 many thanks.
    If I understand correctly the stream is started only if I ask the Google assistant to launch it, correct?

    It’s up to you.

    Either have it streaming 24/7 or upon command. 🙂

  • @Cr4z33 how does a config look like with MMM-FreeboxTV?
    can I insert a link under stream: rtsp-stream?

  • @drx1984 find out by yourself and… happy studying. 😉

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