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No sleep for the weary ...

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    Well, sort off: I am going to bed after I post this.

    Some days I get home from work and my brain is beyond mush, so much so that I turn into Doug from the movie Up. SQUIRREL! Oh HI …

    Anyway, my evening in a nutshell:

    • had dinner
    • received rpi heatsinks in the mail, let’s put that on shall we …
    • fixed a 3D file, and started a test print
    • moved some 400 GB worth of data around on the media server
    • started a factory wipe/restore on my phone
    • did a laser engraving test
    • oh, 3D printer’s done, parts don’t fit right, more adjusting, and reprint again
    • continued on the laser, some more cuts
    • started data restore on my phone (restoring over 20,300 SMS, yeah baby)
    • HOLD IT, need to grab changed files for the next panel to be laser cut (remember the SQUIRREL?)
    • by now the 3D printer was done with the 2nd test, perfect fit, time to duplicate and print en-mass, 13 hour print started
    • did I have dinner? why am I hungry? ah just eat something … again
    • finished all the laser engraving and cutting
    • sanded, sorted, and packed all the pieces, tomorrow I’ll finish the assembly manual
    • SMS restore only partially completed, restart … oh now it’s taking way longer, good, it’s grabbing stuff it missed
    • oh what’s this? oh right, the TTP223B sensor I bought! time for some rpi love
    • 15 minutes later, announcement:

    If you don’t care for a physical tactile button, you can use a TTP223B capacitive touch sensor. They are very cheap on that auction web site that rhymes with 'bay'. The MMM-Button module will work with it, but you have to set the clickDelay to 0. The TTP223B has build-in debouncing already. Very easy to setup, just 3 wires, no resistor, it’s already built onto the module.

    I will probably write a different module with more options in it, such as having multiple touch sensors, eliminating the debounce, and some other stuff that I can’t think of at the moment, but did a moment ago when I was playing with the thing. Still missing another sensor I ordered. I’m guessing it’s on a boat somewhere.

    So who counted how many different things I had going on seemingly at the same time? Just call me Chaos … or Confused.


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    So as you may have gathered from last night’s post, when I’m not writing code, I’m playing with the laser cutter, the 3D printer, or building electronics circuits and what not. I do keep myself busy, I like to make things. And some times, when something isn’t working, I do get frustrated. Whether it’s code wrangling, burnt electronics (not often), 3D design & printing, or laser work, there’s always something that can go completely wrong. In many ways, it’s inevitable. The point here is, sit back, take a deep breath, and roll with it. Learn from the problems or mistakes, whatever they may be. Getting frustrated doesn’t get you anywhere other than possibly giving up on an otherwise really cool end result.

    So after last night’s completed print, I started another early this morning knowing it would be almost done by the time I get home from work. Something I’ve done hundreds of times … (I’ve gone away for a whole weekend, leaving the thing to do a 70+ hour job), no issues. This time it decided to make some fine art for me … and oh how beautiful it is:



    It was still printing, finishing those 4 columns on the left. I let it finish because there’s nothing wrong with those pieces, nor the other ones on the right. It’s the ones that were in the center that decided to have a bit of a party …

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    Oh boy, do I recognize these days. Since my SO is a flight attendant, there are a lot of days I’m home alone. Usually when my SO comes back after a few days of flying, I tell her I’m not really fit. Headache, Tired, Etc … En then she asks me if I drank enough water, got some healthy food and went outside for some fresh air …

    Thank god I’m not single anymore. It would kill me.

    Luckily, I have a Son now. He helps me to get my mind off from my projects from time to time. Sometimes a little bit to often … 😉

    By the way, I’m extremely jealous of your Laser engraver. Unfortunately I currently don’t have the space for it. But I definitely will, in the future.

    Just curious: what type of filament are you using in that photo?

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    In a way, I’m jealous of you because you have others helping to keep you somewhat sane. In my case, I live with a 15-yr old cat and he really doesn’t care whether I eat or not, or if I stay up till 5am working … As long as his bowls of water and food are full, he couldn’t care less about the rest of the world. After my daughter moved out 2 years ago, it’s just been me. It’s been a blessing and a curse. 🙂

    Anyway, that particular filament is plan old ABS and it was done at 150 micron which for this printer is pretty rough. On final pieces I tend to bring that down to 60-80 microns (it can go down to 20 microns) and get nice detailed pieces. I also print with PLA, particularly translucent material.

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    Did you ever try ColorFabb’s XT CoPolyester? Tried it once, and since then My PLA, ABS and HIPS are being abandoned … 😉

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    I have not, but there are several others with the same printer as mine that says the ColorFabb is rather tricky to print with on this specific printer. A lot of settings would need to be changed and fiddled with to get it to work right. And while I don’t mind the tinkering myself, I have too many printing jobs going on to have the printer down for tinkering …

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