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Nodebb - Mr Admin

  • Mr admin/s

    How do you like Nodebb?

    I was part of a forum a fears years ago when it first came about and fell in love…

    I now run a small nodebb forum with only a handful of users but its great software for people like me that aren’t great with linux lol

    I host it on digital ocean tho I’m sure there’s probably better cheaper options. (First ever hosted server or attempt at running a full webpage)

    I hate those same old forums that ALL look the same and remind me of those text only games from back in the day lol

  • Admin

    In general I like it a lot. Only thing that really bothers me is a lot of modules (even the ones written by NodeBB authors) are outdated or don’t work in some cases. The descriptions are often also far from ideal…

  • @paviro

    Yes yes. Exactly.

    I’ve actually stopped updating. So am a few versions behind.

    I got sick of updating. Then trying to fix all the modules that broke during update.

    There’s also a heap that aren’t documented and are hard to find.

    Some need to be installed manually instead of thru the admin panel or they don’t work.

    Some that are supposed to show in plugins list never appear.

    Have same issue as you.

    If my forum was large enough I would pay for their hosting service and let them deal with it.

    Luckily some good people on their forum that help out with questions.

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