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Dinner menu

  • I must say I am no programmer, im more of a hardware guy but I have a request.

    My family is usually pretty busy, so I am looking for a module that shows whats for dinner for the week. Nothing to fancy just looking to show the day and what for dinner. This is so the kids can help if my wife and I are still at work, etc. Something like this:

    Sunday - Chicken Parm, Salad
    Monday - Hamburgers, Potato Salad

    and so on, it can fade out as the days go on with the current day being at the top.

    Any help would be great.

  • Moderator

    Where’s the info coming from? How is it being put in?

  • Admin

    Maybe a weird idea. But you could create an extra google/ical calendar for this, and just add it as a calendar to your mirror.

  • After looking around I found the Wunderlist module and used that to add a “Menu” list. I can put in a Todo item as the Day - Menu and set it to be due on that day. nice part about it is that anyone who has access to the list can add items or check them off as done using their phones and it updates on the mirror.

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