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Sound-activated wake-up

  • Hi there. Apologies - I’m very new to the Pi and all this, so I’m already out of my depth, but I’ve managed to make a Magic Mirror and am impressed with it. Thanks so much for doing this, everybody.

    I was wondering if there was an easy way of getting the mirror to ‘wake up’ using a simple sound sensor. I’m sure for some this would be easy, but not for me.

    I’ve just realised that this might not even be the place to post this - that’s how clueless I am!

  • Admin

    @derekhuffman it’s fine to post it here 🙂 You could do this to ways.
    Have a module that’s checking a GPIO Pin with a sound sensor, the module could then trigger a relay or turn on the HDMI output. That would work if the monitor does not need to be turned off completely (I would turn it off to save energy). With this approach you would have the information that’s it is turned on available in the MagicMirror system if you don’t need that (you probably don’t), you could also go for a hardware only solution, Google “activate relay if sound is detected” for that.

    The best method would be to just use a PIR-Sensor or is their any reason you want sound detection?

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