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Custom 22" Magic Mirror

  • I just completed my first Mirror.

    I built this as a test for a larger project for down the road (two mirrors in the master bathroom.

    This is a 22" Samsung LED Screen completely disassembled and mounted into a custom made wood frame. I used a 1mm piece of acrylic but should of used 3mm (if not perfect you get a funhouse effect quickly).

    I’m a minimalist so my design is very simple same with my layout.

    Mirror mounted on the wall
    Flush Mount Bracket
    I installed a outlet w/ USB behind the mirror
    Green button is for LCD Power incase it turns off. the other two are vents.
    3_1497750797779_IMG_0080.jpg 2_1497750797779_IMG_0079.jpg 1_1497750797778_IMG_0078.jpg 0_1497750797778_IMG_0048.jpg
    I had heat issues, so I installed a heatsink and a fan

    PIR Sensor is getting installed tomorrow.

    Learned a lot from this forum and a coworker and I are helping each other out with some custom modules.

    Currently the Pi is running the server and client, I am going to move the server onto my QNAP which has some more processing power.

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    Well done, looks great!

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