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Server outage and database restore

  • Admin

    Hello everyone!
    We are very sorry for the outage. I had to reboot the server, problem is it never came back online. We now have migrated the forum to a dedicated server only used for sadly we still don’t have access to the old one which is why we decided to use a backup from last night so we can get the forum up again as quickly as possible, because of that any post published after the last backup (again last night) is sadly gone…

    If you signed up in that period we kindly ask you to register again. We will do anything in our power to make sure this does not happen again…

    Cheers and sorry again,

    Update: The old server came back online and we restored the database! All posts and new users are now back 🙂

    As a little bonus the forum might be faster now, because of the following reasons:

    • We now use nginx to serve static content instead of using nodebb
    • We use Redis to store session data (faster than MongoDB)

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