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Spotify through Alexa

  • Hey MagicMirror folks…

    So, I just got started building a MagicMirror and it’s going pretty well. The next thing I’d like to add is Alexa AVS and a way to play Spotify playlists on the RPi. Are there modules available to do this? Some preliminary searches on the interwebs and on this forum have proved unsuccessful.

    Any info y’all could provide would be very helpful!


  • Hi, i’m new to this as well and have Alexa loaded and running in the background of Magic Mirror, but… someone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong…, i think you can link spotify via the Alexa App on your phone of computer, no need for a module to be added to Alexa avs. Just get Alexa up an running on your pi, in the Amazon Alexa app click on the 3 bars on the top left, then click on settings, then click on music and media and you’ll find the option to link your spotify account there. Check out the skills to add as well (3 bars, skills then select and enable). i believe you’ll then be able to access via alexa voice command.

  • Are you sure on this? I installed a week ago Alexa on RPi and I linked my Spotify Premium account but I was not able to reproduce anything from Spotify. I think there is some limitation, maybe Amazon allows you to play Spotify only on Amazon Echo devices or SampleApp inside AVS is limited?