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MMM-Scrobbler - [Last.FM] Music Scrobbler

  • Module Developer


    This module shows your currently playing music whatever music source you are using. With only few minutes of configuration and a Last.FM account you are able to see the album art, song title… on your MagicMirror. If no music is playing it hides itself.

    Hope you like it 😀



    Or (if the song title needs a second line):


  • Very nice! I might incorporate some of your ideas into my module (if you don’t mind). I especially like the album art, title, and album info.

  • Hi, really like it!
    But when album art is missing, it produces a tiny square instead of artwork. I would like to get rid of that, alternatively get a generic no cover-picture.

    Can we make some kind of if-thingy with this.songData.image?

  • Module Developer

    Sure! I think I am listening to mainstream music so I have not faced the issue 🙂
    Do you want to send a pull request or should I do the changes (could take some times, since I am quite busy at the moment…)

  • @PtrBld
    I listen to alot of swedish indie music, and the artwork is often missing! Strange huh?

    Well, I’m kinda new to the whole shebang, so I don’t really grasp the concept of pull request. I just thought I could I’d ask here.

    I have been dabbling in the source-code; changed the presentation-html, but I’m not a full-blowned script-junkie so I don’t really know how to check if the variable contains something or not… I believe it’s kinda simple, but I does’nt know how to do. 😕
    So i don’t really want to update the whole config file either…

    But, take your time! No hurry!
    I really enjoy your module!

  • Module Developer

    Ok then I will try to do it the next week… Can you send me one song where I can be sure that there is no album art?

  • @PtrBld
    Ok, heres one spotify:track:74FEe1s1Q4INBx64OqONWZ and here’s another one spotify:track:2rYcjpghBGamfP1c7YyjYn

    Also here’s two screenshots to see the problem.

    Very appreciated!

    1_1465727833440_2016-06-12-123154_800x480_scrot.png 0_1465727833439_2016-06-12-123109_800x480_scrot.png

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    Guys, can we take the troubleshooting posts to the Troubleshooting section, and keep the Showcase clean(er)? Thanks.

  • @PtrBld This is genius. THANK YOU!