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A thin MM with metal frame, hidden IR camera and 32" Inch HDTV

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    When I first run into the Magic Mirror project I was convinced this was something I wanted to build on my own. Without the amazing work and the easy to use framework by Michael Teeuw and this forum, this wouldn’t any possible to archive. And yes, this was real fun!


    alt text
    alt text

    Further Details

    Checkout my blog on for more details.

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    Beautiful job!!

    What model TV is that? Your blog says J6250, but according to Samsung’s website, that’s a 65" model (!!!) Is your mirror really that big?

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Very nice!!! I LOVE the metal frame!!!

    I’m also in the process of building a 32" … with IR Touch and Voice. Going well…

    Controlling thermostat, lights, door locks… so far…

  • @j.e.f.f Thanks you!
    I’ve used a Samsung UE32J6250 it’s a 32" inch HDTV. Samsung released the J6250 Serie 6 with several dimensions starting with 32" inch up to 60" inch. They all share the same hardware in the back, and should be nice to use for a Magic Mirror. Very thin, if solder your own power supply cable to the board.
    They only differ a bit in the price.

    What TV did you use for your My Full-Length Mirror with a “Smart” Top Half ? Are you planning a bigger one?
    I really hope the prices will fall soon and the bigger sizes become more affordable!

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    @SvenSommer Is used the Samsung J5205. It was one of only two Samsung 32" TVs available to me.

    I thought about using a 40" UHD TV for the pixel density, but it would have doubled the cost of the TV, and I was unsure if / how well the raspberry pi would handle the high resolution. I ended up building mine 1.5 meters tall, with the TV in the top half. Works out nicely, although I have it engage into screensaver mode when idle, so it acts as a piece of moving art on the wall. It would be AMAZING to use the full height for the screen.

    Maybe I’ll build a V2 at some point to tackle this…

    In any case, I love your metal frame, and how thin you manages to keep yours. Mine is about double the thickness, and it’s HEAVY! (about 22kg) I originally had the same idea as you to mount the TV like normal and hang the mirror off if it, but once I realized how heavy this was, I didn’t think the TV frame could support it. so I ended up screwing the mounting bracket supports to the frame itself, which in turn further pushes it out from the wall another 2-3 cm.

    Great job!

  • @cowboysdude Thank you!
    I’m very curious how well the touch will work.

    If I understand correctly, do you want to build a command panel?
    Have you ever looked at OpenHab? This is also open source and designed for the control of a smart home.

    If I’m not deceived, there are even modules that show the location plans of Openhab in the Magic Mirror. Have you seen them?

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    @SvenSommer Yes that’s what I’m doing. It’s taking some time because I am writing most of my own modules to cater to what I need.

    The touch part works really well!!! I’m thinking between @strawberry-3-141 voice module and the touch this is working quite well and really fast.

    As for OpenHab I will be using that for the thermostat as the guys that built it use it for their interface…

    I have not seen any plans with OpenHab yet. I really just haven’t had time to sit down and look at it the way I should. To get the thermostat to talk to the mirror I will have to use MQTT with OpenHab… Can’t wait to get it working!!! 🙂

    Right now the version I have is the non American version but they are working out the bugs and will get it working for the US soon 🙂 .

    Do you have experience with OpenHab?

  • Wow, that’s a nice mirror. Really great work!

    I also liked your blog! I’m already looking forward to the other projects on your site.

  • @cowboysdude What are hardware are you going to use? I tried to run the MMM-Facial-Recognition by paviro and the MMM-Voice by fewieden on a RaspberryPi 3 with really disappointing results.
    I appreciate the evaluation of the touch display runs on its own processor!?

    HestiaPi looks really promising. Please share your experiences!

    I’ve been using OpenHab for over two years now. It’s really great if you want to connect several pieces of smart home hardware from different companies. It makes it also very easy to log your data on your own databases without sending data to a cloud service. As I’m a big fan of aggregated data in useful charts I’m really loving this!
    They are working on a big version change, that should by the adaption of new users. Maybe now its a good time to check it out 😉

  • @Arthur
    Thanks for the flowers!

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