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Office 365 Calendar published on webdav - view in Calendar Module

  • Hi Gents,
    I’m a recent Magic Mirror enthusiast, needless to say complete noob in the coding. I’ve managed to install the MagicMirror (thanks for detailed guidelines) and even added Weather and News module, however struggling with my Calendar.
    I would like to add my work Office 365 Calendar events, to the MagicMirror. I’ve published it at the email server that supports webdav. Now, Im trying to add the code in to the config file, and it says that config is broken. I assume I made some syntax mistake I cannot see, and other thing is im doing this correctly? (Office 365 > webdav)

                module: "calendar",
                header: "Events",
                position: "top_left",
                config: {
                    calendars: [
                            symbol: "calendar-check-o ",
                            url: "webcals://"
                                auth: {
                    user: 'xxx@xxxx.xx',
                    pass: 'xxx',
                    method: 'basic'
    //your code here

  • Module Developer

    @Max you missed comma in the end of url line.

  • Thank you Sean, indeed, after I’ve added a comma the error disappeared and mirror loaded, however, the Calendar module says Loading…
    Do you, or anybody knows how I could troubleshoot this? Did anybody do something like this?

    Thank you in advance for help!

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer


    url: 'webcal://'

    Try webcal. Your url has webcals.

  • Mykle1, thanks i did as you said, however now it says no upcoming events. (there are few).

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @Max said in Office 365 Calendar published on webdav - view in Calendar Module:

    now it says no upcoming events. (there are few).

    Try using this as a test

    url: 'webcal://'

    If this works, as I expect it to, then there is something wrong with the calendar.ics file that you are trying to use

  • @Mykle1, yes the out of the box calendar works. Im trying to understand what I did wrong with mine.
    If anyone did do it this way pls let me know. My work office 365 calendar cannot be published online, and sharing options also dosnt work, the only opiton I could find is via webcal

  • @Max Myself as well. My Office 365 calendar just says no upcoming events. I know there are some.
    I have tried all of the permission settings in the publish calendar section in Office 365 browser version.
    Did anyone get this working?

  • Module Developer

    As I know, default calendar module has some trouble with handling office ical. Some patch needs. I don’t know dev brach fix it.

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