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Operating System

  • HI sorry I may have a stupid Question.
    But the text says to install Magic Mirror 2 automatically I have to write the command line on my “freshly installed” Raspberry Pi.
    The question is what is “freshly installed” ?
    Means I have to install NOOBS first ? Or what is the Operating system ?
    I guess I can’t write some on a blanc SD Card.
    Thanks for help…

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    That means that you have just installed the raspberry pi operating system whether it’s noobs or noobs lite.

    BUT on that note if you had the pi running prior to installing MM you can still install MM.

    I’m running 2 pi’s with noobs and one MINI ITX with Unbuntu on it…

    IF you don’t have anything installed yes Noobs first then MM…

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