• Module Developer


    Up to the minute information about our Lunar partner, with a splash of EyeCandy, to boot!

    How it works

    First, a rather impressive animation of the night moon, with clouds rolling by.

    Then you are offered updated information every minute, such as:

    • The distance of the moon from the Earth’s core at this moment. (Ever changing)

    • This distance of the moon to the sun at this moment. (Ever changing)

    • The date of the next full moon. (Very important if you’re a werewolf!)

    • The date of the next new moon. (Also very important if you’re a werewolf!)

    • The age of the current moon’s phase.

    • How much of the moon is illuminated at this moment.

    • The stage of the present moon (waning, waxing, etc…)


    The moon will be animated. See picture below.


    • The animation can be hidden if only the information is wanted.

    This can be hidden

    To show only this

    • Annotated .css file included for aligning and coloring text and header.


    Version 1.0.0

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