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Current weather problems

  • I have just recently set up my mirror and I have spent the last few days working on configuring it. However, I have a problem that I can’t seem to solve. In my current weather tab my time is very off by about 5 hours based off of my correct clock module. I have created an appid for the open weather site inside the config. I have also tried to disable the clock all together, but that hasn’t been fruitful either. If anyone can advise me that would be very helpful.

  • Admin

    @00conman Could you explain what you mean with with “the time is off?”. The weather tab does not show the current time, so I don’t really understand how it can be off. The time it shows is the sunset or sunrise time.

  • I think he found the problem. My girlfriend asked me also what is wrong with the clock on the right side… 😄

    Left side: Clock

    Right side: Sunrise/Sunset Time

  • OHHHHHHHHHH… yep I get it now thank you so much for the help and for the speedy response your mirror creation is the best.

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