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proble with inserting youtube at evenncohen Smart Mirror

  • Hey all- noob at Smart Mirror here! 🙂

    I started to work on mine couple of weeks ago - tried some modules and different versions of the mirror. Right now I tried the Evan Cohen’s version of the Smartmirror software. If you are not familiar with the project - here are some of his youtube videos with the Mirror:
    vid 1 vid 2 ; And here is his repository on GutHub: Rep SM ;
    So I tried his software and I saw that this is pretty much finished version of the smart mirror - you have Integrated voice control via mobile and very good package of commands. The problem is that when I open the SmartMirror software on my Raspberry pi 3, it shows me a warning - “config.json is not found” and wherever I try to integrate a new module from his tutorials No code from the “config.js” works - I add some modules (greetings/forecast) but they are not displayed in the mirror.
    Can you help me fixing that problem? Thank you and good luck with developing your Smart Mirrors! 🙂

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    @Barbarian this forum is only about the smart mirror called magicmirror by michael teeuw, you’re probably better of asking in the github repo of this specific smart mirror to get help

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    @Barbarian said in proble with inserting youtube at evenncohen Smart Mirror:

    Can you help me fixing that problem?

    This will fix all those warnings and error messages. :^)

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    The MagicMirror2 has more capabilities then the other one… yes voice is integrated and yes you can watch youtube videos it’s what you can can’t do is why so many are here.

    Here you can create your own modules and they are supported by the structure of this mirror. [there are several voice modules available]

    As you will see there are MANY different types of modules and more coming each day and is a big reason it was voted #1…

    So you can go with the gadgets or you can build a mirror that works for you rather then having one that only does what it does…where you have little or no control over the functions.

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