Further development of the MMM-Swipe module

  • First, a big THANK YOU for all module developers. Unfortunately - and thats the reason why I am posting here - I am a real programming NOOB. I am only able to follow tutorials others wrote and use the good modules others programmed.

    As already mentioned in the header, I want to aks if s.o. is interested in developing the MMM-Swipe module further , using the HC-SR04 sensors. If you have followed the development of the module two guys (mochman and shbatm) have already programmed on this module and I am a huge fan of the idea - hope that it going to work soon!

    Last time I discovered the MMM-Pages and asked the developer if he would be interested in taking over the MMM-Swipe development as pages could be changed by swiping it. Sadly he won’t have time available in the near future.

    I would be very happy if someone is out there wanting to take over this great project!

  • Thanks Keen!

    I need exactly this! i couldnt get this module work until now. What is your expirience with eather of this modules?

    The one from mochaman is starting fine in sudo, and the sensors recognice my hand in calibration mode, but in vebose mode it doesnt work at all! It just happens nothing.

    The other module from shbatm is running without sudo but not starting completly… showing just Loading MMM-Swipe...

  • Same here for me. The one from mochman didn’t work entirely as intended.
    The fork from shbatm I never tried because he wrote that due to problems using the sensor which his dog did not very much liked the module is not finshed yet. I totally understand that he is going to try another way because he won’t be able to use the sensors.

    Hope there will be more people who want that module finished. I think it could be a very effective way to switch between pages once it is running.

  • Hey,
    I tried to use the MMM-Swipe module some month ago, but without any success. No I finally had time to look over it and figured out a way to use the HC-SR04 sensors without sudo. So far the module recognizes if you out your hand in front of a sensor, but I haven’t tried to calibrate a nice “swipe” gesture, yet.
    I would be up to develop the module further, including a switch page functionality.
    Since I took the one from mochman as a starting base, I would ask him if it’s ok if i fork or link to his page in a new repo.
    So if you guys want, I will try to upload my module soon (after cleaning up a little bit).

  • Hi,
    @nowis: That sounds great!

    Maybe you can also take a look at the module shbatm created. I don’t know what the status of the module is he developed but he wrote that it is up to 90% ready to use.

    Although I have no clue about programming I think it should be possible to use the MMM-Swipe module in connection to the MMM-Pages from edward-shen. He also uses some kind of input (skywriter) to give commands to the pages module to switch pages.
    But for daily use I would prefer the HCSR-04 sensors.

  • I will have a look at both modules sometime the next week. Will keep you updated.

  • That would be awesome!

    Thanks! I also would donate it if it works later! Because i really want this feature!

  • Hey,
    I got the module up and running. I forked shbatm’s module and changed the method of how to detect a swipe. It is not perfect, yet, but it works for me.
    There is still more work to do, but I thought I will share it with you already, so you can try it. It works with the MMM-Pages module.
    I will continue working on it the next days. Feel free to share your experience with me, as well as ideas for improvements.
    It took me a while to “learn” the right technique to swipe. I put my hand in front of one sensors (try to make form a flat surface with your hand), stay there for about 400ms (sounds weird, sorry) and then swipe from there over the other sensor. Just practice a little bit. The swipe detection is not trivial.

    Here is the link, have fun! https://github.com/Simon089/MMM-Swipe

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