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GPIO without root

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    I am currently writing a module which uses the GPIO Pins for that the script has to be started as root. I tried running MM with DISPLAY=:0 sudo npm startbut all I get this way is a No protocol specifiederror on startup. Any idea how to fix this or how to use wiring-pi without root? Wasn’t there an Raspbian update recently that allowed GPIO access without root? I don’t remember it exactly…

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    That’s nice and all but too complicated for people to setup…
    Adding a sudo somewhere is one thing but that would make installing the module so complicated 😕
    Seems like it might be possible by using usermod -a -G gpio pi will check and report.

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    Found a workaround! Use the shell within node to export the pins. Works without root if the user is added to the gpio group, to do that execute sudo useradd -g pi gpio.

    Setup the pins

    const exec = require('child_process').exec;
    exec("echo '22' > /sys/class/gpio/export", null);
    exec("echo 'in' > /sys/class/gpio/gpio22/direction", null);
    exec("echo '17' > /sys/class/gpio/export", null);
    exec("echo 'out' > /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/direction", null);

    Control the pins

    gpio.wiringPiISR(22, gpio.INT_EDGE_BOTH, function(delta) {
    	if (gpio.digitalRead(22) == 1) {
    		gpio.digitalWrite(17, 1)
    	else if (gpio.digitalRead(22) == 0) {
    		gpio.digitalWrite(17, 0)

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