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Calendar Event Time

  • Many of my meetings and conference are spread from the US to Europe to Asia.
    I enter the information or receive an ICS file to tell me the times and such. It displays the time correctly in my gmail calendar for the time zone in which I live.
    On the Calendar module though it shows the time of the person who sent the invite.
    For example, I live in California PST zone, my call is in New York EST a 3 hour time difference. My gmail calendar displays it as 8 am PST, but on the MM Calendar it shows it at 11 am.
    Where might I be able to change this.

  • I’m also having this issue. Meetings organised in different timezones appear as if they were organised in my timezone.

    So if a meeting was scheduled at 17:00 GMT, it should be 12:00 EST, but it’s showing as 17:00 on my calendar.

    I’m using an ICS file from our company office365 account.

    @michmich - perhaps you have some insight?

  • I have not been able to solve this.
    For example yesterday 20 Nov 2017 I had a calendar item for 21 Nov 2017 that read that the event was scheduled for today at xxx time. The date icon showed the 21 but still said my event was today in the verbiage under the event name.

  • Module Developer

    That might be due to timezone parsing problem. Which program do you use for creating the ical?
    And there are so many problems in office365 calendars. It uses many non-or-semi-standards in its ics formats.

  • I specifically use my google calendar. I am on a Linux platform and do not use office365. My calendars are set to my Arizona time zone, and most they give the correct info until about 48 hours before the event. So if I have an event scheduled for this Wednesday at 9am it will say Phone Call to Joe Today at 9am. On the attached picture it shows the 22nd but look under where it says Phone call to joe it says today at 9 am.

    This is very confusing. I have ticked various buttons on my google calendar and the one that helps the most is by clicking the public button.

    Any thoughts.

  • @sean do any of your modules cater for events created in other timezones than the calendar?

    I’m using a ICS from Office365.

  • Module Developer

    Well I think I’d patched about it for office365 before. But I didnt test it enoughly. (I’m not using office365)
    Try MMM-CalendarExt, But I’m not sure.
    If you could give me URL of your iCal or .ics for test, I’ll check it. My email address is in my profile.

  • @Sean Thanks!! I’ve just emailed you the details!

  • @Sean

    Bit of a necro, but I am having the same issue.

    My Calendar invites where the originator is based outside of my timezone are displayed as the originators time.

    I can email you my ics for you to see, nothing uber confidential.


  • I have had this problem too using the calendar module and it seems to be related to node-ical addition that parses the ical files. See link text to that post which has my solution at the bottom.

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