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Get user input

  • Hi, I’m still pretty new in this node.js topic, but I’m really interesting in adding some modules.
    I’m struggling to get user input base on a button in the front-end (not physical button) but I cannot find the solution.
    I tried with:

    // create the server
    	listen: function() {
    		this.expressApp.get('/Button1', function (req, res) {
    			sendSocketNotification('BUTTON1', 'Hello world');
    			//res.send('Stop signal sent!');

    But I got a:
    ReferenceError: sendSocketNotification is not defined
    or with this.sendSocketNotification I got:
    TypeError: this.sendSocketNotification is not a function

    Is there any way to get the user input?


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    @veryaner if you want you can have a look in my Module, i did a similar approach, this might get you started.

  • Great it worked!!! My mistake was that I was creating the app after a notification and not at the start of my module!
    Thanks a lot!

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