Screencast with mobile

  • Hi All,
    Do we have any module to screencast any mobile phone with magic mirror?

    Thanks in advance.

  • That’s a cool idea! As far as I can tell there’s nothing like it at the moment, but I did some some cursory googling and, while I’m far out of my range of expertise, it looks like you might be able to use something like this homebrew chromecast receiver and use somehow display it in an iFrame, which there are several modules for. I’m not sure how it’d work with various size constraints, but from what I’ve found, that’s the most promising option.

    If you’re on iOS, there’s maybe something you could do with either Airserver or Reflector 2 (which is what I use). Either way, it may actually be easier to have a separate machine running whatever is receiving the content and then streaming it to one of the streaming video player modules. Heads-up though, that’ll likely require some horsepower on the server you’re doing it with, or you’re liable to end up with some real frustrating latency.

    However you end up going, please post updates – this is a really cool idea and I’d like very much to see how it works out!

  • Trying… will update you.

  • I have installed this Module but now I can’t seem to figure what to cast from.

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