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  • Module Developer

    I totally like the idea that my mirror informs me about upcoming shipments. I was wondering if there is a convenient way so that I don’t have to put the tracking numbers into the config.js?

    Some ideas:

    • Manually add tracking numbers to a file on OneDrive or DropBox. The module reads it from there.
    • Forward order confirmation mails containing the tracking number to an email address, which the tracking module polls from and extract the shipping number (do they have a standard encoding, at least per carrier?).
    • Utilize voice command to dictate the shipping number.
    • Hook up my mailbox for order confirmations to IFTTT or Microsoft Flow to process mal and feed the tracking number into a service which the tracking module consumes, e.g. file on OneDrive or DropBox.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  • Moderator

    You could use mykles AfterShip module:

    It syncs with your aftership account, which you can manage from your pc, smartphone or tablet. And it automatically connects to your account if you want to. This did not work with my German Amazon account though.

    I use ParcelTrack (from a small company in Berlin) with a premium account, they offer tracking on all devices and you have an inbox email address where I forward delivery mails to, which then extracts tracking info and adds it to the list.
    They don’t have an open api though.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @onlyname0 I’m sorry I don’t have any valid tracking codes to check whats going on

  • I know only some elements of the code for tracking parcels, because I often order something on the Internet. For example, the letter part represent the country of the recipient and the country of the sender. I don’t know about the meaning of the numerical part. Will the ability to track parcels change if the 12 character code is changed to 17 character code? I always used for tracking, the ability to track was more important to me, and the service always worked, so I never paid attention to the number of characters.

  • It can be hooked to 17Track through rapidapi, If I am not mistaken

    I have been comparing Aftership and 17Track and Aftership is extremely slow. I don’t see information that 17track is already showing in 2 shipments (ChinaPost and USPS)

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