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Sports leagues ...

  • I’d like to see more modules for sport league tables. Stikes me that MM is greatly suited to displaying, league tables, leaderboards etc.

    I have the formula1 and soccer modules but i’d like to be able to add others.

    specific events

    • International Rugby Union (six nations, world cup etc)
    • UCI Cycling (tour de france, giro d’italia, etc)

    I already have a number of ical calendars which highlight the dates of events, but being able to show league tables would be great.

    In addition to league tables, events like the cycling would benefit from multiple leaderboards (overall leader, king of the mountains, points leader etc) as well as some description on the difficulty/hilliness of each stage…

    In general sports events create a lot of data that lends itself to creative ways of manipulating and displaying it.

    I am sure there are a lot more sports that can be addressed … just not golf 😉

  • @Brandlin I’ve written a number of sports modules but look at @J.E.F.F.'s sports module.

    Mine are stand alone and I have no plans to make them an all in one module…his is pretty much what you’re describing and is VERY nicely done!

  • @cowboysdude hi and thanks for the reply. i’ve searched the list of modules but dont turn up anything by “J.E.F.F.” or a sports module as you describe. Do you have a link?

    There are a few sports modules for displaying scores in individual games in NHL, NBA or NFL. All almost exclusively North American sports.

    I raised the suggestion and picked out two specific sports that i dont think are currently covered. I’m happy to be corrected if there is something i simply havent found yet.

    I’d be happy to help with advise if someone with the necessary skills wished to take something on.

  • @cowboysdude ok thanks, this isnt listed in the main module list from the MM homepage.

    Having looked at it, it looks pretty comprehensive for North American sports but not others.

    Also, it provides CURRENT scores in individual games, not leagues/standings.

    So I think my request/suggestion for new modules is still valid. Specifically …

    • sports not currently covered by MM modules (rugby and cycling in particular are my sports)
    • standings/league tables NOT individual game scores

    thanks 🙂

  • Module Developer


    Have you found an API that provides the data you want for the sports that you want?

  • @Brandlin take your request here: 🙂 That’s where the topic is