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Wake MM with pir Module from the shell...

  • Hi Forum,
    i have the Magic Mirror running with the Module “MMM-PIR-Sensor”. Until here no problem.
    In the Background there is running the alexa-avs-sample app. Until here even no problem 😉
    But no to the Problem:
    Alexa heres me via a usb Mikro, so this works at every time. But: Alexa speaks via hdmi and the monitor. So when the pir module puts the monitor off i can’t here anything of course.

    The alexa wakeword engine runs via a shell console. I can see actions there, every time the wakeword is recognized. I’ve send a request to the alxa Furum, how to send any notification in this moment. I’m shure there is a way 😉

    And now the real Problem: What command i have to send at this moment? The command has to put the monitor on and to restart the timer in the pir module maybe via a command to the core module? Or can i simulate an Hardware action from the pir Sensor? Only to put the Moniror on would not be enough. The Pir-Module has to restart the timer, so that the Moniros doesn’t run until anyone stands in front of the mirror.

    Many thanks for every Tip 🙂

    best Regards.

  • Hello
    I think one solution is to hide all modules. Don’t turn off HDMI monitor, your audio on.
    Anyway I don’t know how to turn on PIR from remote shell.

  • Hi @kiki99:

    You can send the SCREEN_WAKEUP notification to MMM-PIR-Sensor via MMM-Remote-Control (some details how to structure the GET request here):

    If you can get the Alexa wakeword to send the notification, it should wake the monitor as though you triggered the PIR.