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  • Im no coder or programmer, So I have been poking around in the code to see if I can make the mirror more readable, I have found that in the config.js and module js files there is some font settings. They say “small dimmed”, medium bright" and so forth. if you play around with these you can make the font bigger or smaller or brighter in each module.
    A bit of warning, change one at a time. If you change something in config.js you need to reboot the Pi, if your change something in the module js then you just need to refresh the browser to see the new look.
    Sometimes I have made a change and when I reboot, it comes to a point that it does a system check, dont get scared, let it happen, it will come to “Press Enter to Continue”. It will continue to load to the GUI. Then you can go back to that file and change back what you did.
    There is also a fade setting I found, I think it was in the config.js, that changes the calender list to all one level of brightness, instead of the fade toward the bottom of the list.
    My time and degree numbers are all set to “large bright” now so that I can see them further away. also the News Feed. Im running a 24" screen. So if you got something bigger then you may not need to set anything to large. You can just go with medium.
    Good Luck

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    @navyvette87 OH we’ve ALL been there LOL

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    You don’t have to reboot the Pi everytime you change the config.js. Restarting MM should do it.

  • @doubleT Not on mine. I tried just refreshing the browser, then tried shutting down the browser and the txt box, opening another txt box and running MM. did nothing. Had to reboot the Pi, then run MM, and it will run. im running a pi2b. with 2.4ghz wifi. and use VNC to control. Might be different if I was local on the pi.

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    When you close the browser, MM is still running as a server/process in the background. If you stop and start it or directly restart it, there is no need to restart the Pi. What restarting the Pi does is just a very complicated way to stop the MM process. 😉
    Do you use PM2 to start MM on boot? Use

    pm2 restart mm

    See here:

    Or with npm, stop the package and start it again.

    Btw.: what text box? The console?

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