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Notice for MMM-CalendarEXT and MMM-Assistant

  • Module Developer

    Sorry for my fellows. I was on my vacation and my business works when you have had problems in these modules - MMM-CalendarExt and MMM-Assistant. They are caused by downgrading of Main MM versioning.

    There are some fix for these issues thanks to many volunteers. However, I’ll check all of these issues and will release the patch for a few days. I’ll promise to solve those issues for all of you until end of this month.

    Sorry for all of your inconvenience.

  • You dont Need to apologize. We all understand that there is still a private and business life. But thank you anyway. 😉

  • THIS is a hobby…your life is your life…much more important!

  • You made some very impressive modules! Of course - no hurry - but I AM anxiously awaiting your patches as I am unable to get MMM-Assistant to work with speech commands … 😉

  • i freshly installed a MagicMirror with the newest version and the CalendarEXT works without any mods 🙂