{HowTo} turn on/off your monitor (Time based, PIR/Button, App)

  • @hnperkins yes, if it’s always showing a 1 then your sensor is ‘inverted’ to the standard way most pir boards work. Note it should go to 0 when the pir detects movement (you might need to continually wave your hand in front of the pir at the exact moment you hit enter after typing the gpio read to see the 0. If you never see a 0 then you may have a faulty pir).

    Although I initially did get my ‘inverted’ sensor working using the invert configuration option in paviros module, it eventually stopped working correctly (my mirror would register a false detection every 3 mins or so causing my screen to stay always on). Not sure why it broke… seemed to happen after I upgraded to a newer version of mm, but issue didn’t go away after I tried rolling back. Final thing I did to stop false triggering was to install a ferrite choke on my input wire & to move where my pi sat at the back of my monitor (it was quite close to the monitors power converter initially).

    Ultimately the way I got it working was to buy a different pir board (the kind with the 2 potentiometers for sensitivity & time adjustment) which also happened to be 0 for no movement & 1 for movement). I then used the pir.py script instead of the module to trigger screen on / off. I was fairly sure it wasn’t a single faulty pir unit (mine came in a pack of 3) but nothing I did got it working so in the end spending an extra fiver on a different type of pir seemed worth it to me.

  • I had the script running and all I got was “…” turns out I had the POWER and GROUND swapped because I was following the drawing on the initial post. I suggest looking at the your PIR board to make sure you are connecting the wires on the correct order.

    Overall fantastic write up. Thanks for sharing

  • @fabbr i just got it working today. hadn’t had time to mess with it much. i was able to invert it in the config for the plugin and its been working great

  • I used the method 2.2 Using PIR-Script and it work fine however, after a long period of time (that the screen is off and I am not doing anything on the raspberry) when I move in front of the PIR I can see the ON signal is sent to my monitor (the monitor LED change) but all I get is a blank screen.

    I did some testing and notice that when I connect with VNC to the raspberry the screen immediately comes back on so it makes me wonder if there’s some kind of screensaver or something of that nature that is on.

    Does anyone knows anything about this or had this problem before?

  • Module Developer


    Have you disabled the screensaver? The easiest, most common way of doing that is to install xscreensaver and disable the screensaver that way

  • @Mykle1 Thank you that was the problem. Xscreensaver was easy use. Thanks

    Another problem I had was: when I changed the orientation of my monitor when it was coming back on all I saw was a black screen… so I did more research and found that that I could replace the tvservice for:

    vcgencmd display_power 0 turns off the screen

    vcgencmd display_power 1 turns on the screen

    That worked better with my monitor for some reason.

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