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Transfer to smaller SD card

  • Hi all,

    Was wondering if it is possible to take my existing MM installation (on a 32gig SD card) and transfer it to a smaller card (8gig)?

    I usually use ApplePie Baker to create my backups, but that creates an image that is the full size of the SD card.

    Did not find any posts related to this, but if one exists would be grateful if someone could point me in that direction.

    Thanks all

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    I’ve never done this but a quick google search for “copy sd card image to a smaller sd card” brings up a bunch of options, including youtube videos. Maybe give those a read. Good luck.


  • @crowbar You can either (1) truncate your original SD partition to 8Gb, transfer or backup/restore to your new card, or (2) create an image, resize the image to 8Gb, then restore it to your new SD card. If you already have an RPi backup, suggest you do the latter method.

    As @Mykle1 notes, this is a very common issue (esp for RPi), but is complicated in that Win/Mac don’t play nice/at all with ext4 partitions. It’s not a great idea to back up the RPi while it’s running (esp to itself) – it is swapping all kinds of temp files, it has comparatively poor I/O, plus you’ll need a machine with two SD card readers or an interim storage medium like an HDD or USB stick. As he notes, a Live USB/CD is useful in this regard.

  • Well, for me the easiest way was to just use a FTP-Client and save my config file, my css file, my modules folders, and some external stuff.

    After a fresh install of raspian and MM (takes about 30-45 minutes) i just paste the saved files into the right directions and BOOOM! Everything was fine ^^

    I did it that way, cause i was a little bit to scared to try it with resizing or something like that.
    But, since Raspbian adds the SD Card Copier u could give that a try.
    (scroll down a little bit)

    or try this or this

  • appreciate all the help here guys, going to try a few of these options out this afternoon


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