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Need assistance with a Background

  • I am having the hardest time getting a background image, .gif or video set up. I have extremely limited knowledge of coding and can’t find any step by step instructions on any modules. Step by step instructions would be fantastic, but even if someone could point me in the direction to a place to learn this on my own, that would be great. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!

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    If you simply want a background picture on your mirror this little module will do the trick.

    The directions are pretty straightforward in the repo. There is one background picture included. All you have to do is use the config entry from the readme and fire up your mirror.

    If you have any questions you can come back here and ask.


  • Okay, couple questions…

    1. Is there a particular way to install a repository into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory?
    2. How do I add my photo to the image folder?
      3.Do I need to do anything special for .gifs?

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    Look at mykles signature. There is “how to add modules” which should help you

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    @pirateroberts said in Need assistance with a Background:

    Is there a particular way to install a repository into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory?

    As @yawns suggested, click on “How to add modules” in my signature at the bottom of this post.

    How do I add my photo to the image folder?

    That’s “images” folder. Just as you would on a Mac or PC. Drag/Copy/Paste/etc your photo into the ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-EasyBack/images folder

    3.Do I need to do anything special for .gifs?


  • Got the repository installed correctly and I’m seeing your wooden background… I’ve tried dragging in a .gif and a jpeg into the images file and changing the name in the configs, but it is still not loading properly. Suggestions?

    Thanks so much by the way. This would have taken so much blood sweat and tears on my end to get this far.

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    • Verify that the files you dragged into the ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-EasyBack/images folder are actually there.

    • Verify your donfig entry contains the exact spelling of the picture file being used

    post your config entry here

  • Hey sorry, I’ve been away for a bit. Yes, it looks like the .gif is in the image file. Config entry looks right as well. See below…

    module: ‘MMM-EasyBack’,
    position: ‘fullscreen_below’,
    config: {
    bgName: “Dreamdash.gif”, // the file name of your background image (case sensitive)
    maxWidth: “100%”,

  • So I am seeing that the Example.jpeg image is still appearing even after I remove it from the folder. Am I doing something incorrect?

  • Okay, I’m an idiot. It was in the wrong file. I think it was from when I tried to install the module incorrectly from before. Thank you so much for all the help. I seriously could not have done this without your help!